Environmental thinking since 1972

Skrotfrag is a private company founded in 1972 by Lars Johansson, an owner "still going strong". Mr Johansson is today retired, but still very much involved in the daily business decisions.

The company has grown rapidly during the last 10 years and today has 20 sites, of which 3 are shredder plants. The main focus for Skrotfrag is production of shredded steel scrap. During 2011 the production was 140,000 tons, of which more than 80% was exported to Asia and Europe.

Skrotfrag head quarters is in Gothenburg at the shredder plant there. The other 2 shredder plants are located in Oskarshamn at the east coast, and Järna south of Stockholm. The rest of our sites are traditional scrap yards, some with cutting and pressing facilities.